The Brothers Comatose


We have been far and wide in the last couple days.

We finished the gig in Ketchum, ID and pretty much just went right to the van.  We had a plane to catch the next morning at 8am in Boise, so we had to make the drive that night.  We got into the Boise Super 8 at about 2 am, had a wake-up call for 5:30.  Your body starts to not trust you if you make it wake up every 2 hours.  Everything gets hazy and confused.  We hauled ourselves into a shuttle and onto a plane, and slept our 2 hour flight back to San Jose, CA.  Yep.  San Jose.  We were home!  We were so close! 

The amazing Kelsey and family (thank you guys!!) picked us up at the SJ airport, drove us to quiet beds in the Los Gatos hills, and fed us delicious food.  It was like waking up in a dream world – back in California, family taking care of you, food and comfort everywhere – like our real bodies were still in the van or in the Super 8 in Boise, but – in our sleep deprived, schedule wrecked selves – our dream selves were back at home in California.  The reason for all this travel business was a private event that night.  The flew us out for the evening – we played, and went back to casa de Kelsey for more sleeping and home cooking.  The fresh-baked berry crisp was off the charts.  Perfect. 

Next morning (ie yesterday) we were up by 9 to catch our 11:20 flight back to Boise.  We get back to Boise, and then it’s back into the van and a 7 hour drive to Kemmerer, WY – home of the Oyster Ridge Music Fest.  We got in at 10pm, just in time to catch the last song by Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers – our soon to be tour buddies.  We said hi to some of our friends from last year, availed ourselves of the generous hospitality tent, filmed a quick video (hopefully to be posted soon) and finally made it back to the Best Western, where I type from now. 

Got some good sleep last night, and now it’s time to get to work – also hoping to catch the festival’s Band Scramble – they mix up groups of whoever shows up with an instrument – give you an hour to rehearse a song, then put you up on the stage.  It’s a come one, come all type of event.  Should be a good time.  We play today at 4pm, and leave tomorrow morning in the wee hours.  We aim to be back at home – good and proper this time – Sunday night. 

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