The Brothers Comatose


The West Was Won Tour is done…and was a great success!


Well, that’s it friends. The West Was Won Tour is a wrap. We send out a big sincere thank you to everyone that helped make this run the best we’ve ever had. Seriously…you all are incredible and we couldn’t do it without you. Now…we sleep for a week straight.

The West Was Won Tour!

Broco April Poster-01_0

Hello there friends. We made it home safely from our snow laden tour to Colorado and back and after a good week off, we’re back on the road! This time we hit the West Coast…hard. We’ll be starting our run in Southern California tonight at SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo. We hope you’ll join us for some shows.

Winter Frostbite Tour 2015


I’m posting this while sitting in a coffee shop in Los Angeles. It’s 88 degrees here…and we’re about to start our Winter Frostbite Tour 2015. This doesn’t make any sense. I know it’s eventually going to get cold by the time we hit Winter Wondergrass in Colorado, so I’m trying to soak up as much heat as I can before we leave. Check out the dates over to the right – we’ll see you soon NV, AZ, NM, CO & UT! Now…off to Las Vegas…

Recording in Beautiful Places


We spent an amazing week out in Stinson Beach recording our next album. We are not quite done yet…but we’re getting damn close! Thanks to all of you for being patient and for all of your excitement about the new music. We promise…it will be worth the wait.

Back in the Studio


Hey all,

If you haven’t heard much from us lately that’s because we’ve been woodshedding and laying low while we work on new tunes for our next album. We had the fine pleasure of heading down to Gadgetbox studios in Santa Cruz the other day to lay down some demo reocordings. Things are sounding mighty sweet and we’re looking forward to unleashing a new batch of goodies out into the ether.

Last Show of the Year – San Francisco


Pre Thanksgiving party with the Brothers Comatose and the T Sisters.

We’re hunkering down to work on a new album but we’ve got one last show of the year planned for you all. Our good friends and sisters from a different mister the T Sisters will open the night.

Come down to the Chapel in San Francisco. Hear some new tunes and start a long weekend off right…with us! Get tickets before they’re gone:

A Wee Break From the Road


Hello friends! Please excuse our lack of blogginess. With the constant output of social media posts on various platforms, we often forget about this here bloggy blog. That’s all about to change though. We’re making an early New Year’s resolution to keep up with informing our friends and fans to the goings on of The Bruthaz Clamatoes. That all starts now.

You may be wondering why you don’t see many shows on our calendar over there to the right. Welp…there are a couple reasons for that: 1. We’ve been on the road non-stop this year and it’s nice to take a lil’ break every once in a while. 2. We’re working on new material so we can record a new album. Now that’s some exciting stuff! Many of you have been wondering when you’ll be able to get your hands on some new music. The answer to that is…fairly soon. We’ll be recording in the next couple of months and will most likely be releasing a new album in spring 2015. We are stoked (that’s a word we use in California to mean, like, totally excited) to put some new tunes out there.

We’ll also be planning out some major tours for 2015 which will most likely bring us to you, wherever you are, unless you live outside the US, or in a treehouse in the remote forest somewhere, or at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. BUT…we’ll be hitting most other spots we’ve frequented in the past and we can’t wait.

We shall see you down the road!

Till then…

The Bruthaz Clamatoes

We Had a Hippie-tastic Halloween


We would like to send out a massive and warm thank you to everyone that came out and packed the Catalyst for our Woodstock Halloween show. Your costumes were fantastic and your energy was unparalleled. We had a really good time learning and playing all of those Woostock-era songs for you. This may just become a tradition come Halloween time every year.

Woodstock Halloween, y’all!


This Halloween – Friday, Oct 31 – we’ll be paying tribute to Woodstock at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA. We’ll be playing songs from Jimi Hendrix, Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Who, Credence, The Band and loads more…as well as your Bro Co favorites. Get dressed up in your finest hippie duds and join us for a totally far out night! Joining us will be The Coffis Brothers and Brother Grand. Get your tickets here:

Thanks Lili Arnold and Chester Arnold for making the poster!

Mustaches Across America Tour 2014!!

Mustaches Across America Tour 2014-4-01_0

Friends, we are hitting the road once again. We’ll be packing up our trusty steed with all the necessities of tour: instruments, cables, extra strings, frosty beverages, reading materials, plenty of undies, socks, snacks and a bunch of mustachioed musicians. We’re hitting the road for the month of September and traveling across this fine country of ours. We’re all over the place – check out the shows over there to the right —> CA, OR, NE, IL, WI, KY, TN, NC, GA & MO. We’re waxing our mustaches and riding, starting tomorrow in Arcata, CA. We hope you’ll all join us for some fine revelry! Please share with friends in the towns where we’re headed. Thanks all!