The Brothers Comatose


Horses & Music & Beer


We rode horses!

And we knew you wouldn’t believe us, so we documented it in gorgeous, spectacular high-def, cinematic style.  Thanks to Colin Blackshear for the camera and editing.  Thanks to Ismay for the horses and expertise, and thanks to Lagunitas for giving us a way to dull the pain of our knees and asses.

Enjoy the new tune, and then come out to our 3-band-super-party-tour and sing along with us in your town.

See you!



Folks –

This is a harrowing tale of friends turning their backs on a hero.  A saga of water-logged bravery and perseverance vs cold, callous, debaucherous tomfoolery.  I think you’ll all shed a tear.  Hold on to your dear ones.

And always wear a life vest.

Huge thanks to Michael Bonocore for the awesome camera work!

Campfire Caravan – We are coming for YOU!


Folks, if you knew how long we’ve been planning, building, working, scheming, meeting, thinking and generally getting phenomenally stoke-ed for this tour…  and we finally get to announce it!


We’re part of a Campfire Caravan with our buddies in Mipso and Lil’ Smokies.  We’re coming to just about everywhere (or at least 2-3 hours from everywhere…) and the shows will be unlike anything we’ve ever done before.

We’ll highlight more of the amazing special features of the world’s first ever campfire caravan tour as the commencement date approacheth!

Get them tickets, folks!  Can’t wait to see you all.

Comatopia Lineup is Announced!


Folks – we don’t often brag about all of our amazing and cool friends… but we are going to right now.

We have invited some of the coolest and most rocking of bands to Comatopia to party with us in Bandit Town this August.  If you are sick and tired of us and our boy band hi-jinks…  well, come and enjoy some real, gritty, true-blue music from our awesome friends.

You can check out the lineup (with color commentary – just scroll down a bit) here, or you can just peruse the beautiful flier Alex made below.  You can also check out selected videos from all the bands here…  Your choice.

See you there!… after you buy your tickets right here.

Comatopia Poster small

Spring Tour! Midwest – we come for thee!


Confession time.

We have neglected a lot of states.  Many a wonderful town full of beautiful, wonderful, music-loving souls we have forsaken in recent years.  My pin-map of our tour spots has a gaping, sad hole in the middle-ish area of the country.

We remedy this starting next week!

Check out them tour dates, folks!

Can’t wait to see you and have you tell me the best place to get deep, dark, roasty, toasty espresso in your town.

See you soon!

Comatopia III – tickets on sale now!


Do you find yourself, of a summer afternoon, thinking to yourself that what you’d really like to do is be on my Kickball team, defending a two-time championship against the forces of darkness and evil… and to celebrate with an evening full of great music and beers, and then to sing and dance and make merry into the wee wee hours of the morning?  For 2 or 3 days straight?

Me too.

Come to Comatopia!  Our festival is turning 3 this year.  We’re all going to head out to Bandit Town to set up our little world of porch-picking and super chill vibes, with tons of music from our most favorite musical friends.

Our tickets are on sale now.  The lineup isn’t announced yet… but that is but an afterthought.  Come for the hang… and the pie?  (Bring pie.)  and the awesome people you’re sure to find there, and the glorious music that will assuredly be made.

See you there.

The Boot premiers our latest Elevator Session: Hank Williams’ ‘My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It’

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.41.10 PM

Hail folks!

I have just a breath of WiFi and relative warmth and safety on this peril-filled Frostbite Tour (see blog posts) to let you all know that The Boot is premiering our latest Elevator Session: Hank Williams’ heartfelt, infinitely sad lament, My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It.

We snuck into The St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, famous for its towering, glass, open-to-the-epic view elevators.  We met the right Hotel employee (huge fan of bluegrass) and commandeered an elevator for about 10 minutes.  Most everyone was enthusiastic.  One couple was quite snootily put out by the whole affair.

It was great fun.

Big thanks to Pint of Soul for mixing the audio and Jacob Skaggs for filming and editing our tomfoolery.


Elevator Sessions – Part 2!


We are on tour…  and great adventures are afoot.

But, to all of ye far afield and not in the path of this current tour – we offer you our Elevator Sessions, Part 2:  To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High) – our cover of Ryan Adams…  as played in a mall elevator.

Thanks to Jambase for the exclusive premier of the new video.
See it HERE.

Enjoy, and wish us warmth and clear roads!


NEW VIDEO! and full UC Theater band Lineup


Hey gang.

Hope you enjoy our new video.  We’re really into facing our fears, and between us, we’re Acrophobic (fear of heights), Claustrophobic (fear of enclosed places), Ophidiophobic (fear of snakes), and Melophobic (fear of music).  We decided to take the bull by the horns, and we stared down 3 of these 4 phobias by playing music in a crowded elevator (no snakes).  We’re going to be doing more of these so stay tuned for more in our Elevator Sessions video series.  Check it out on Live for Live Music!

Or right here:

Also, we updated the UC Theater artwork and look who’s there!!  Horseshoes and Hand Grenades!  

If there’s anything better than a band named after something your beloved grandfather used to grumble at you regularly, I don’t know what it is.

Tour leaves tomorrow!

See you out there.

Dates added to Frostbite Tour


What Ho!

We thought that a mere 17 dates for a NW tour was a bit weak.

We were mocked by our peers.  Bands that live in actual weather stopped returning our calls, and sent us snuggies in plain brown packages to taunt us.  Ashamed, we put our rain-addled heads together.


The Frostbite Tour continuation…  (though, if we’re still frostbitten in April, I will be very bum-med):

April 5: Arcata @ Humbrews

April 6: Ashland @ Brickroom

April 7: Bend @ The Volcanic Theatre Pub

April 8: Eugene @ The Hi-Fi

All ticket links will be findable on the tour page!

We’re headed back to some of our favorite places, to play for some of our favorite crowds.  Can’t wait to see all you crazy wild folks there.  Recommend the coffee stops now, so I have something to look forward to.