The Brothers Comatose


The Brothers Comatose go to Australia


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to become fully legitimate, accredited, card-carrying international touring artists.  (Yes, Canada is international, but… it’s so close, eh?)  We’re bound for South Australia.  (Or, just Australia) ((“What’s the joke there Gio?,”  you ask? – oh, just enjoy the video below, dear reader.))

Tell your friends and family who live there that we’re on our way.

Tell us where to go in the towns that nary a one of us has been to.  (Except, probably Phil.  I think he’s been everywhere.)

Tell us what to do, what to eat, what to say, what lines of Crocodile Dundee to quote, and which ones the locals don’t really appreciate.

We are very excited.

To get pumped, Ben and Alex have asked us, and – by extension now – all of you folk to watch and listen to the video below by The Clancy Brothers.**  A fine, ripe, swashbuckling South Australia number, and a song that Ben has brought and tried to bring to the Brothers Comatose stage show at every rehearsal for the last 5 years.  Geez, Ben.  Enough with the Clancy Brothers, already.


**Little known Brothers Comatose fact:  Ben and Alex had always wanted to model the band after The Clancy Brothers*** for reasons that are obvious if you just enjoy that there photograph.  Sadly, my skin was too sensitive for the wool, cable-knit sweater.  Another dream crushed.

***I, Gio, actually do love The Clancy Brothers.  I listen to those old Irish drinking songs, and my Kiely blood (Mom’s side) just gets all fired up, and I’m ready to run off and fight in the revolution.

By the rising of the moooooonnn!!

We Love You, Comatopians.

Test caption 1

Holy Calpine, Batman.

That was one amazing weekend.  Thanks to all of you good people that cruised out for this and partied with us for 3 days.  Some highlights from my side of things?

  • Getting to shred some electric with the world’s Preeminent Brothers Comatose cover band, Buck Wild and the Boss Hossers.
  • Listening to all my friends’ bands make amazing music
  • Kickball Championship of the World Part II, with the Coffis Brothers earning MVP status with an epic bottom of the 9th, come from behind victory.
  • Seeing The Van again.
  • Playing music and jamming with all of y’alls.
  • Porch hangouts.
  • Did I mention the Kickball game yet?

What I’m trying to get at is that there were tons of highlights.  And it was fun.  The most fun we have at a festival all year.

Thanks for coming, and we’re already planning to make next year even better.



Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Comatopia – land of music, camping, great hangs and damn good times.

We are very proud to announce this year’s schedule and lineup on the official Comatopia site!

Reserve your spot and get them tickets because it’s a cute, small, furry little festy!  August 12-14 in Calpine, California!

Can’t wait to see you up there, folks.  Get those tickets, and bring your tent and dancing shoes!

Jam Cruise!


Ladies and Gentlemen –

Grab your thongs and your rum, we’re headed to the tropics… in January 0f 2017.

But seriously, folks – feast your eyes on the list of bands for Jam Cruise 15 that will be rocking and jamming their way across the seven seas!  It will be amazing!  My hope:  Alex sits in and adds some tasty banjo to the Funky Meters.  I get to go up and play some bass with Benevento Russo Duo.  Ben does guest vocals (1612) with Volfpeck.  Can’t wait.

Get the tickets now and make the plans, because post-holidays, you’re going to be exhausted and beat, and you’re not going to be able to plan an epic musical adventure to the tropics.

Do it now!

East Coast Album Release Tour!


Here we come, East Coast.  Starting with a pinch of MerleFest, and adding some club dates, stirring in a strong helping of DelFest, and some serious frequent flyer miles, and we have the recipe perfected for some bizarre, nation-crossing touring.

All the upcoming tour dates can be seen here (and you can also score them tickets).

Hope to see many familiar faces on the green and humid roads out East!

Arizona – Texas – West Virginia


Hail hail good folk!

This was me, knee deep in a gorgeous river, getting ready with my vocal warmups for our Old Settler’s set.  Life is pretty good.

You can have a lot of fun by looking at our tour schedule and trying to figure out how in the hell we’re going to get to these destinations at these times and by what means.  Plane?  Train?  Automobile?  (great movie, by the way).

I’m in Wimberley, Texas right now drinking great coffee, and checking in.  There’s lots to say – which will end up in a blog post soon – and some news to report which we’ll give a quick once-over on here:

Comatopia dates are announced – August 12 – 14!  We’ll do an official announce, and start posting lineups and schedules on the official page soon.  But for those of you who were curious – It’s f&*^%$@#n ON.

We just played Old Settler’s  last night in Driftwood, TX and it was amazing.  Damn fun.

We’ll be on the radio Sunday night on Mountain Stage out of West Virginia – so tune in!

Take care out there all, and we’ll see you soon.

The Fillmore in SF on March 18: SOLD OUT!!


Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so much for the love and support.  It’s pretty damn amazing to have the Fillmore sold out.

If this was Back to the Future, and I was able to go back and tell high school Gio that he would sell out the Fillmore… by playing upright bass… in a string band… with Ben & Alex & Joe (he wouldn’t have a frame of reference for Phil or Ryan) he would punch me and call me a liar.

Then he would help me up, because he’d be curious and enticed – despite the sheer outlandishness of the claim – because selling out the Fillmore would be just too damn amazing.

So – thanks.  Thanks for the support in the Bay Area from The House of Shields to Amnesia, to PAs getting stolen, to Haight street house parties to raise money to get PAs back, to Hardly Strictly, to Outside Lands, to Slim’s, to Great American Music Hall, and now, the Fillmore.

If we can keep steady on this trajectory, we’ll see you in a few years at AT&T park.

You are all the greatest fans and friends and family of all time, and we love you.  Can’t wait to throw down a huge party on Friday.

See you there.

New Video: Black Light Moon!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 1.14.28 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, we went to The Ruin in Pipes Canyon near Joshua Tree with two large vans full of good people, film equipment, Lagunitas, and costumery and filmed a video.
Many huge thanks to Colin Blackshear, Bret Lyman, Josh Livingston and Nick Rupiper for coming all the way to the edge of nowhere with us to make movie magic. Many seductive and siren-like thanks the the lovely Desert Spirit ladies: Alicia Greenleaf, Lili Arnold, Erin Chapin, Vanessa May & Jamison Cripps.
We hope you enjoy!

We’re in Seattle tonight (3-11) at The Tractor Tavern,
Tomorrow night in Portland (3-12) at Revolution Hall,
And then we’re coming home for the Fillmore!! (3-18).
All the links and tickets are on the tour page. Enjoy the video, and see you at the shows!

To the Northwest!

Another caption here

Folks –

We’re back from our Desert vision quest / movie-making extravaganza (and Southern California tour) and now we’re sling-shorting back in the other direction.

We’re headed North!

We’re headed back to all of our favorite spots, and we can’t wait to see you all again.

And this time…  we have a NEW ALBUM WITH US!!  (woo woo wooooo!!!)

Our good friends in The Easy Leaves are on the road with us, and we’re sharing a new record, so come on out and let’s do some good-time-music partying.

What the hell are you guys up to?


We left town last Thursday.  We left wonderful, warm, sea-level California coast to drive East into mountains, snow, storms, and snow.  Did we mention the snow?

We started in Ogden, UT playing two shows at Snowbasin ski lodge.  This was pretty damn fun.  We all got time on the mountain, including this six-foot-four no-center-of-gravity-I’ve-only-skiied-once-in-my-life-twenty-years-ago bass player.  It was a blast. (There’s a sub-plot here where I had a very hard time finding any espresso, but I don’t want to interrupt this band update to lament the fact that the espresso machine at Snowbasin was closed, and we were forced to drink hotel coffee for 3 days.  That would be ridiculous, and excessive.)  Lots of Utah friends came out to support, and good times are had by all.

Sunday we drove to Evanston, Wyoming.  We played in Travis’ bar, Suds Brothers Brewery.  Travis, we should add, became our host, tour-guide, temporary band-mate, and provider for our extended Evanston stay.  “Extended?” you ask.  Yes.  Extended.  Monday morning saw the closure of I-80 East of Evanston due to insane blizzards, snow, ice winds, and other things that are foreign and strange to those of us who grew up where 40 degrees is considered very, very cold.

Evanston was snow-covered and cold, but awesome.  Travis was the most generous host a stranded band could hope for.  (Evanston also had espresso, which brings an end to our tension-packed sub-plot.  Peace and happiness was restored.)  We checked out some thrift stores, went cross-country skiing on the snowed-over golf course, bought fireworks, and ate all Travis’ food.

Today – after making a video in 20 degree weather (5 if you count the wind-chill – video coming soon) – we found out I-80 was open.  So, here I am.  In the van, all technologically connected to the internet to let you know that we’re headed for Colorado!

Think safe, friction-full thoughts for us on our driving, and we’ll see you out there on the frozen frontiers of the Wild West.